The roof cleaning is maintenance essential that one neglects to do until the roof is not covered with foam! Let’s take a look at how to clean your roof easily and effectively.

However, cleaning your roof not only allows you to maintain it and thus extend its longevity, but it is also an opportunity to check its general condition and identify small weaknesses that are easy to repair before they turn into infiltration, leaks, the permeability of the insulation by condensation, and ultimately the need to renovate the gutters or the entire roof covering!

That is, washing the roof is an ideal way to prevent re-roofing and saves thousands of dollars.

We tend to forget that this is our house’s main facade, with the roof surface out of sight.

A clean roof is stronger (it resists external aggressions and the wear and tear of time better), more waterproof (it protects more effectively against infiltration), more pleasant to look at, and healthier.

How can the roof be cleaned?

The time and roof will be swept depend on the roofing material, the age of your roof, and your environment: you will need to clean your roof much more often if you are surrounded by trees and plants or in a very polluted environment example.

In all cases, we clean our roof:

  • in dry weather
  • out of wind
  • except for heatwave
  • During daytime

We are compliant with all security laws work at height if we did not want to entrust this work to a specialist.

In the spring: this is the right time to check that the winter has not caused too much damage to the roof and to go around the joints and fragile parts of the roof, or even dislodge bird nests (with care and delicacy!)

In late fall, remove all dead leaves, branches, mosses, fungi, lichens, and dirt.

To access the roof and be secure, you need special equipment: ladders, roofing ladders, lifeline … Professionals already have this equipment, and you will not have to buy it (you will not find everything for hire. )

Certain materials require specific proud knowledge And techniques. In this form of intervention, a specialist is educated. Which parts to clean?

Overhangs: check the roof overhangs or overhangs for leaks and remove any nests or swarms nestled in your roof.


 clean the opening and check that the ventilation grid is properly held.


 the technology relies on the substance, so cleaning permits you to reposition the moved elements, change damaged elements, and clean the cover.


 check the connections on the windows, frames, and skylights and check their tightness.

Bindings: Check the bindings on the roof edges, the banks, the decorative elements, the ridges, and possibly solar panels.

Chimney fittings:

check the fittings, Extractors of smoke, and the roof and monitor for leakage.

They are controlling the fastening edges and ridges the tightness.


 check the tiles’ fixings on the valley’s periphery and check the tightness and remove the plants.

Decorative elements:

check the fasteners and reposition them if necessary.


 regularly clean gutters and ducts and check welds and downspouts.

Cleaning gutters

Gutters should be cleaned more regularly than the roof itself. This type of maintenance can be included in a roof cleaning package. Gutter cleaning essentially consists of removing foliage and any debris that could prevent rainwater evacuation on the entire evacuation circuit (gutters, gutters, downspouts, overflows, grates, sliders, etc. )

If your gutters are pierced, take the opportunity to fill the leaks with suitable sealants or coatings.

How to clean a roof? The different methods.

By roof cleaning, we mean five main steps:

  • Roof verification and inspection
  • Hand evacuation of debris and foliage
  • Cleaning the surface
  • Surface treatment with anti-foam and water repellent
  • Re-waterproofing with a resin-based paint.
  • Roof cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner

Efficient, fast, and efficient: your roof is as clean as new in one shot. But this cleaning technique is not suitable for all roofs and could weaken, crack, or make certain materials porous.

Roof cleaning with a soft/hard

brush Prescribe the steel wool brush, which is too aggressive. I prefer a long handle to save your water. With a simple stiff brush, you can easily remove moss and lichen-encrusted on the roof. Then rinse your roof from the top of the roof.

Roof cleaning with bleach or chlorine:

Never. Under no conditions. It would ruin your roof.

Roof cleaning with a steam cleaner: idem. But this time, it’s your waterproofing screen or your insulation that would ruin it. In some cases, like the shingle, it could even peel your coating.

Roof cleaning with hot water and soap or natural detergent is suitable in most cases. Be careful. However, your dirty water will likely flow into your gutters and end up in your stormwater circuit: a biodegradable detergent is not only preferable; it is mandatory. Otherwise, plug the drains, so that dirty water does not enter this circuit.

Which defoamer to choose?

It does not suffice to clean the roof on your own. Mosses and lichens quickly regain their rights. You must therefore apply an anti-foam and water-repellent treatment to the roof once it is clean. This will protect your roof and delay the next cleaning.

Water – dilutable anti-foam products are the most common. Ready to use, it is usually sufficient to spread them on the roof using a sprayer. It is generally left on for 24 hours, after which it is sufficient to rinse and collect the plant waste before it enters the pipes.

There are also quick-acting or leave – in anti-foam roofing treatments available. Often biodegradable and slow-acting, they must be applied during particularly hot and dry seasons to work effectively, as they take up to two months to be truly effective. It will then be necessary to go up on the roof or bring back your craftsman for the waterproofing.

There are preventive or curative defoamers: choose according to your situation. The defoamers are sold in cans of 5 to 20 liters, from 1.20 to 4 $ per liter on average. One liter will allow you to treat, on average, five m².

Premier Janitorial Services is a well know cleaning company. For roof cleaning in Olympia, you should have to avail their services.

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