Today it is very common that when planning a trip to certain destinations, renting a car is taken into account to enjoy a lot of independence when moving. If this is the case for your next trip, there are several points that you should take into account. Here we tell you what you have to consider to rent a car, and you only have to take care of walking.


First of all, it is essential to know the requirements to be met to drive safely and legally in a country that is not yours.

What is an international driving license

A Foreign Driving Permit (IDP) is an extra travel document required in certain countries to complement your national driving license. Carrying an IDP is strongly recommended in every international nation while traveling. They do not inquire, but if they ask, they will ask for it. You don’t have it, and they may not give you a previously rented car, complicate your life if the police stop you at a traffic control or even worse, make things very difficult if, unfortunately, You are involved in a traffic accident, or you are fined for an infraction. It is a translation of your license, which confirms your rights to drive cars of the same category in the country in question.

How do I get an international driving license?

Obtaining an international driving license is normally a very simple procedure. Each country has an entity that grants it and does not require a driving test. In many countries, it is granted in any of its authorized offices. In the blog, you can read the requirements for obtaining and the rates for said service.

The validity of the international driving license

It is very important to know that by itself, it has no value. Your national driving license must always accompany it.

The validity is only for tourist purposes, never to carry out any work that requires driving vehicles. In that case, it won’t be very important and, of course, a permit must be obtained following local laws and we already enter a completely different topic that we will not discuss in this post.

It is effective for one year from the issuance date or until the National Driver’s License expiration. For the latter case, we should study the dates of our trip to previously renewing the national driving license, if necessary, and thus take advantage of the international license’s entire year of validity.

The same document is valid in all countries. 

Necessary age to hire a car

Each country establishes the minimum age to be able to rent cars and, therefore, drive them. It may or may not meet the minimum age for a driving license in our country. In some countries, the minimum rental age is 18, and in others, 21.

Something that must be taken into account beyond the minimum age is that those up to 25 years old will have to pay extra insurance because the renters qualify them as a “young driver”.

If you are going to rent a car in Islamabad or any other city, you should be a license holder; if you don’t have a license, they provide you a driver.

According to this rating, there may be restrictions on the product. Many times large or sports vehicles are out of the offer for these cases.

Besides, it may happen that they also require all-risk insurance for the category of young drivers and do not allow the possibility of renting with basic insurance. Each company acts in a particular way, and it will be necessary to find out accordingly.

They may also require that the customer has obtained their first national driver’s license more than a year ago. In some countries, they can request up to 2 years of seniority.

The maximum age to rent a car is 70 years. However, in some companies, it is allowed to rent to people over 70 paying extra insurance.


If it is known in advance that more than one person will be driving, insurance must be paid for each additional driver. If you are also under 25 years old, you must pay us an additional and young driver. If someone who does not meet these requirements is driving, the insurance will not cover us in the event of a mishap.


“One way” means being able to return the car at a different point than where we picked it up. It is very common that when planning our trip, it is much easier and more practical for us to return the car in a city that is not the same in which we received it.

Not all companies offer this service, and if they do, an additional fee is generally paid. Sometimes some offers or conditions contemplate it, such as the duration of the rental. Likely, very large rental companies with a large fleet at their disposal will not charge it. Sometimes what is charged is the cost of a driver who has to travel to pick up the vehicle and return it to the main headquarters because they do not have offices at the point of delivery.


Unless otherwise indicated, which has never happened to me, the car is delivered to us with a full tank and must be returned in the same condition. If not, the person who receives the vehicle calculates the shortage, and the rental company will charge us that difference on a full tank but at values much higher than market prices. It is best to take the time the night before to return it or a few hours before to not run around and fill the tank again.


The cost of traffic fines is borne by whoever rents the car (and commits the infractions). Many times it happens that infractions take time to be processed, and that is the reason, among others, why a credit card coupon with a blocked amount is left at the moment of picking up the vehicle. It is best to clarify if we know that we have been fined at the time of return. In not a long time, we will see the infraction amount reflected in the summary of the credit card.

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